Buying from the Bush

Behind every item we have for sale is a story of a rural community.

Each alpaca on our farm is fed, cared for and loved by us. It may have been born here or we may have bought it from another breeder anywhere in rural Australia. No matter how far, the passion for alpacas unites us all.

At Wedgetail Rise we buy local whenever possible. Our hay and grain comes from local farmers and feed suppliers. We know them by name and they know us. They have watched our son grow from teenager to a man, as he helps lift bales on to the ute.

We shear our fleece annually. Our shearer has been with us since the beginning. In that time he has met his life partner, they had a son and there’s another baby on the way.

Our local vets are amazing. There is no better sight than their ute turning in the gate at times of dire need. We have been their first call out at Christmas, sharing the triumph of a mum and cria saved. They have cried too, when a battle is lost.

The fencers, the shed builders, and the equipment hire bloke; all locals with families.

Drought brings new mates, Geoff and Gavin, who truck the water in. Stopping the taps from running dry, they are lifesavers with no surf for hundreds of miles.

So, every time you buy from the bush this Christmas remember that you are also supporting a wider rural community – the truckies, the tradies, and the small businesses.

From all of us to all of you – thank you!

alpaca community copy

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