About the sheep


There were supposed to be sheep

There were sixteen acres of beautiful paddock to fill. The intention was to run a small mob of sheep. Nothing unusual, just ordinary, run of the mill, lawn grazers and freezer fillers. A chance conversation in an elevator led to an invitation to an open day at an alpaca breeder in Murrumbateman.

“I’m off to get some alpacas to look after the sheep,” Annemarie announced one breakfast.

“The sheep we don’t have,” replied Steve.

“Yes,” said Annemarie. “We will need two alpacas as herd guards. I’m going alpaca shopping!”

Steve, wisely or perhaps unwisely, decided to accompany her.

They came home with two Arnie and Seve, a pair of wethered herd guards. They also bought the beautiful, quite pregnant Sopherio and her cria, Ninja. Wedgetail Rise Alpacas began that day.

Many years later, there are still no sheep here.

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