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Delivery services are available at reasonable rates within NSW and Victoria. Please contact us to get a quote.

Breeding Stock for Sale

All breeding livestock is registered with the Australian Alpaca Association.

We are happy to work with new breeders and advise on the infrastructure and skills required for successful alpaca production.

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Free delivery for ACT/NSW (Southern Highlands, South Coast and Capital regions only)


Lillyfield Top Shelf IAR 230986 Bay black and white certified stud male DoB 09/06/16 ($2,750)

A good sire produces consistently excellent offspring. Top Shelf is so good we are retaining nine out of ten of his daughters in our breeding herd in addition to his son Wedgetail Rise Mojito. As his son will be taking over his stud duties later this year, it’s time to release Top Shelf to another breeder in a full or half share of ownership.

Top Shelf carries supreme champion genetics from his sire Blue Grass Bollinger and dam Wyterrica Topsy (daughter of Wyterrica John Boy). Despite his white head and feet markings, he has produced solid coloured cria in the majority of breedings to solid colour females. His crias have good conformation with strong bone. Their fleece is dense, with good crimp and high lustre. His gorgeous daughters Wedgetail Rise Rey and the stunning true black Wedgetail Rise Zegna are in our show team for the 2021 Australian Alpaca Association National Championships.

Top Shelf daughter 2020 drop
Top Shelf daughters 20 & 21 drop
Top Shelf son 2019 drop

Wyona Fantasy IAR 220692 Solid dark fawn female DoB 18/04/16 ($2,000)

Fantasy is a lovely girl with correct form and long, dense dark fawn fleece. She has some stunning genetics, her sire is Running Creek Frontera and her dam was Wyona Sun’s Seduction (carrying genetics from Blue Grass Waterloo Sunset and ILR Snowmass Grey Legend).  Fantasy was lightly shown as a junior, picking up 2nd and 3rd place ribbons at Boorowa, Gunning and Royal Canberra Shows. She is a proven breeder and a great mother. We are retaining her two daughters in our breeding herd. Fantasy comes with your choice of mating to any of our herd sires with a live cria guarantee. 

Fantasy in the show ring at Boorowa
Fantasy with first cria Augusta (cria not for sale)

Alpha Centauri Nikeysha IAR 173074 Solid light fawn female DoB 01/06/11  ($950)

Keysha is a beautiful girl, and a reluctant sale, but we are retaining two daughters and a grandaughter.  She is an Alpha Centauri Vyper daughter and grand-daughter of Shanbrooke Society Class Act. Keysha is an easy breeder and very attentive mother. She comes with your choice of mating to any of our herd sires with a live cria guarantee. Her current cria, Wedgetail Rise Nimmitabel, is not for sale, so Nikeysha is only available once the cria is weaned on 24 July 2021. This will provide ample time to confirm her next pregancy.

Nikeysha with Nimmitabel (cria not for sale)

Wyona Norma Jean IAR 200279 Roan female DoB 30/05/14 with cria at foot Wedgetail Rise Marilyn ($1,550)

NJ is a proven breeder with good fertility and quality genetics. She has dense dark brown fleece with grey roaning throughout. Sold with solid bay black female cria at foot Wedgetail Rise Marilyn IAR 252563 DoB 15/03/21 who is sired by our show winning sire Follyfoot Farm Good as Gold (not available for outside matings). A remate is is included in the sale with live cria guarantee.

Wedgetail Rise Marilyn

Non-Breeding Stock for Sale

Herd Guards

Wethered (desexed) alpacas make great herd guards, particularly in reducing lamb loss to predators. We always have wether herdguards available and can deliver by arrangement.

Please note that our herdguards are not halter trained, as they bond better to flocks when they have minimal human contact.

Herd guards are $650 per team of two (singles are only sold where there is a resident alpaca herd guard already in place).

Junior males / wethers / pets

Our pet alpacas are specially selected for their friendly temperament. All have received halter training. Prices start from $600 per head for wethered males and $800 for non-breeding females.

Junior males from our show team may also be available from time to time. We can help you select the best alpaca for your needs.

Please call us on 0439 930 501 for an appointment to view our current stock. Contactless delivery and ‘tap&go’ payments are now available.

The welfare of all alpacas we sell is paramount:

  • We will not sell alpacas to live in suburban back yards
  • Suckling crias are only sold with their mothers
  • Alpacas are herd animals, so single animals will only be sold to purchasers who already own alpacas

Some Wedgetail Rise Autumn 2021 crias L-R Jules Verne, Fiorella, Crown Prince

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