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Delivery services are available at reasonable rates within NSW and Victoria. Please contact us to get a quote.

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All breeding livestock is registered with the Australian Alpaca Association. We are happy to work with new breeders and advise on the infrastructure and skills required for successful alpaca production.

Stud Males

Lillyfield Top Shelf IAR 230986 Black and white certified stud male DoB 09/06/16 ($2,450)

A good sire produces consistently excellent offspring. Top Shelf is so good we are retaining four of his adult daughters in our breeding herd. All of his crias have good conformation with strong bone. Their fleece is dense, with good lustre and crimp.

Top Shelf carries supreme champion genetics from his sire Blue Grass Bollinger and dam Wyterrica Topsy (daughter of Wyterrica John Boy). Despite his white head and feet markings, he has produced solid coloured cria in the majority of breedings to solid colour females. .

Above: Lillyfield Top Shelf 2022
Below: Lillyfield Top Shelf cria 2020 & 2021

Breeding Females

We offer a live cria guarantee with all our pregnant females (where a free remate to same or equivalent stud male is offered if the female loses the pregnancy or the cria is liveborn and does not survive to five days old when given reasonable care).

Medium fawn alpaca competing in a show ring being led by owner
Fantasy in the show ring at Boorowa

Wyona Fantasy IAR 220692 Solid dark fawn female DoB 18/04/16 SOLD

Medium fawn alpaca feeding brown cria
Fantasy with first cria

Fantasy is a lovely girl with correct form, good length of fleece, and quality genetics (including ILR Snowmass Grey Legend).  Fantasy was shown as a junior, with 2nd and 3rd place ribbons at Boorowa, Gunning and Royal Canberra Shows.

Fantasy is currently mated to our blue ribbon show-winning sire, Follyfoot Farm Good as Gold, due in April 2023. She is a great mother. We are retaining her show-quality daughter, Queen’s Gambit, in our breeding herd.

Maison Mauve Jumanji IAR 206589 Solid Bay Black DoB 02/04/14 ($1,350)


Jumanji is a friendly female who is an easy birther and a great mother. All of her crias have been strong and healthy with good bone and dense fleece. They also inherit her easygoing, friendly nature.

She is currently mated to Vista el Noir Titanio and due in December 2023.

Follyfoot Farm Fabulicious IAR 211251 Rose Grey DoB 25/12/2014 SOLD

Fabi in cuddle mode

Fabi and first cria (cria not for sale)

Fabi is half-auntie to our gorgeous Paddington. She has good genes, correct form and strong bone, and a forthright personality (always first at the hay feeder). Fabi has reasonable density and length, with nice crimp in her rose-grey fleece. She was shown by her previous owner, so is halter-trained.

She has a white female cria at foot born 14th December 2022. The cria is being retained in our breeding program.

Wedgetail Rise Evie IAR 238702 Rose Grey DoB 24/12/2017 (Under offer)

Evie at Gunning Show
Evie after her first shearing as a weanling

Evie is a hard one to put on the sales list, as she is lovely in nature, and has correct form and good genetics (including ILR Snowmass Grey Legend).

As we are no longer breeding for rose greys or roans she would be better suited to someone who is.

Evie has a stunningly patterned rose grey fleece. She has a long staple with a soft handle and high frequency crimp.

Evie is halter-trained and was briefly shown in 2019 picking up 2nd/3rd place ribbons at Gunning and Canberra Shows. Currently not mated, we are happy to discuss inclusion of a half-price mating to one of our sires if you wish.

Wedgetail Rise Demi IAR 252555 Roan DoB 18/03/20 ($1,350)

Demi freshly shorn

Demi is a personal favourite due to her super-sweet nature and beautiful face. She is the one who makes friends with any new girls and looks out for all the crias and weanlings with any group you put her in.

Her fleece is good length with a high frequency crimp and soft handle. This photo, taken just after shearing last year, shows clearly how much grey is evenly distributed with the brown throughout her fleece, making her a classic roan. She has had basic halter-training and is very easy to handle.

Currently not mated, we are happy to discuss inclusion of a half-price mating to one of our sires if you like.

Wanting something different? Make an appointment to view our breeding herd and find the alpaca that best meets your needs!

Non-Breeding Stock for Sale

Herd Guards

Many wethered (desexed) male and older (non-breeding) female alpacas make great herdguards, and can help to reduce lamb/kid loss to predators. Effective herd-guards need to be at least two years old and demonstrate a high protective instinct.

Our herdguards are not halter trained, as they bond better to flocks when they have minimal human contact. In line with good animal welfare practice, we only sell herd-guards in pairs (singles are only sold where there is a resident alpaca herd guard already in place for them to work with).

Herdguards teams are priced at $1,300 per pair.


We can help you select the best alpaca for your needs. Our pet alpacas are specially selected for their friendly temperament. All pet alpacas have received halter training and are supplied with an alpaca halter and lead. Prices start from $950 per head for wethered males and non-breeding females.

Junior males from our show team may also be available from time to time. Show trained wether males have recieved a higher level of halter training, and are used to being penned, transported by float, and handled by strangers. Show team wethers start at $1,200 each.

Please call us on 0439 930 501 for an appointment to view our current stock. Contactless delivery and ‘tap&go’ payments are now available.

The welfare of all alpacas we sell is paramount:

  • We will not sell alpacas to live in suburban backyards
  • Suckling crias are only sold with their mothers
  • Alpacas are herd animals, so single animals will only be sold to purchasers who already own other alpacas
  • We do not support running males/wethers with females in a single paddock
  • Intact breeding males will only be sold to AAA registered breeders

Three young alpaca crias of different colours walking in a paddock.
Some Wedgetail Rise Autumn 2021 crias L-R Jules Verne, Fiorella, Crown Prince

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